Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A cliche I find funny

Yes, the punchline to this may be obvious, but for some reason , it cracks me up. I hate cliches and do my upmost to avoid them, but I couldn't stop myself in this instance.

A few years ago I took a rough from my sketchbook and created this one page strip for the Comiculture Anthology. Comiculture was a great magazine idea that never quite got off the ground. It was started by Steve Buccellato. (Steve, if you happen to read this... How you doing, Buddy?)

I did the strip in color, but unfortunately the finished product ended up in black and white. I've always liked it in color so I'm presenting it here.

(On a side note, Steve did a nice Halo and Sprocket pin-up for me years ago. I received it just as I was putting H&S on hiatus for a while, so I didn't use it in a printed book. I always felt bad about that. It was a nice piece. You can take a look at it here.)

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Richard Marcej said...

For a second there I thought you were going to make a sexual punch line.