Monday, July 31, 2023

BIG Big Bang!

I recently had the privilege of drawing an alternative cover for a Big Bang Comics Kickstarter campaign. The comic is BIG, a "treasury-size" edition (8.7" x 13.3"), full color. Read more here and please consider backing the project. More info at--

Also, I have a wacky two-page comic story inside! Below is the first panel. 

Should be a fun book!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Four Really Unrelated Commissions!

First up, a commission of Ma Hunkel in her superhero identity, Red Tornado! I drew this one in my own natural style. (With a tip of the hat to Sheldon Mayer.) It's a sweet spot for me, a Golden Age character that's slightly cartoon-y.

And for something totally different--

Apparently there was a scandal during a chili cook-off involving store-bought chili. I was sent photos of the people involved and now it's a Cable #3 cover parody! Ha ha! Original--

The following commission was a request for Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. In an attempt for give it my own spin, I asked if I could include the original Doom Patrol (or should we say "Doomed Patrol"). Happily the answer was yes! I first discovered comic books as a 5 year-old in a barber shop-- Metamorpho, Metal Men, and Doom Patrol. (Hmm. Probably all the titles that didn't sell at the dime store. They were coverless.) I didn't put any jokes in this one. (Unless you consider walking on sand in high heels funny.) For those who don't know, the Doom Patrol was killed in 1968 when their book was canceled.
And lastly, another left turn-- Rick & Morty run through Halo & Sprocket's world! I was surprised that Rick, Morty, and Sprocket all have the same kind of feet.
I have another H&S commission coming up soon, mixed with a "realistic" character. It should be fun!
If you've never read my Halo and Sprocket comics, you really should. It's some of my most thoughtful work. Available here!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Commissions - Covers Edition

Here's my recreation of X-Men #137. Admittedly, I added a few of my own elements.

The below commission is the first time I've created a "one second later" cover. It's based on World's Finest #3 from 1941. Batman looks funny without blue eyebrows.

Lastly, this commission is for someone with a red-headed spouse!

The title "Red & Ready" has a meaning to the married couple. All four panels are loosely based on existing covers, as per the request. Marvel Girl/Phoenix is from the X-men cover seen at the beginning of this post. Here are the others, for those curious--

All work is black ink on Bristol board, with digital color. I also supplied a one-off, large color print.