Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Commissions! Avengers! Spider-Man! Harley Quinn! More!

First up-- The Avengers! This commission was for me to draw the iconic scene from the first Avengers movie into a comic panel, but using 60's characters. I tried a grey Iron Man and a grey Hulk, but they disappeared into the background too much. I'm fairly sure Tony couldn't look up in that outfit. I had to lean him back. 😋 Here's a frame from The Avengers movie.

Next, a horizontal version of All-Star Comics #4, with three more characters added. I had to do some rearranging! If you think Flash runs funny, I just assumed he could speed-walk and still beat everyone!

A few weeks later, that commission lead to another version, this time with Wildcat instead of Wonder Woman. It also has a different logo and a few other minor tweaks. I completely redrew/recolored it!

I originally drew the following Spider-Man in a sketchbook, in black ink only. I thought it would be fun to spiffy it up and give it a color treatment. 

It is, of course, based on Amazing Fantasy #15.

Oh No! That reminds me-- I never posted this poster I did for a local comic convention! Dang. It's already come and gone. I was there. It was fun!

Next, I was asked to merely draw Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The situation was left up to me. I might have gotten a little carried away with roses.

Here's a commission of Golden Age Wildcat. As I was drawing it, I mentioned to my wife I’ve never quite understood the flappy things hanging down from his mask. She replied, "Oh, it’s like a bobcat." Ah. Bobcats DO have them. I guess it was the black costume throwing me. On a different note, I’m not sure how I neglected to draw pants on the bad guy. Insert your own story here.

Finally, a little-seen E-Man Annual printed by DC Comics, OR my latest commissioned artwork? YOU decide!