Monday, July 6, 2015

Web Comics!

I have several friends who are currently creating web comics. I wanted to take a break from my own work and share some of theirs!

Wicked Crispy, by Chris Grine
Whoa! In this on-going series, a parody of Skeletor has really let himself go! It's whimsy and offensiveness all wrapped up in one tasty package! Click here to visit the site!

Fowl Languageby Brian Gordon
Welcome to geek culture and the joys varied experiences of raising young children. All with cursing! It's one gag per strip and Brian never lets me down. Click here to visit the site!

Justin Zane, by Steve Lightle
Steve has been a well-known name in comics since the 80's. For my money, he's currently doing some of the best art of his career! In this on-going sci-fi series, he explores a very concept-rich, futuristic universe. Click here to visit the site!

The Blabbing Baboon, by Richard Marcej
It's Rich's daily cartoon diary! It's a strip about life, both the good and the bad, going strong after five consecutive years. I never miss reading it on Facebook. You can visit his official site by clicking here!

Hope you find something you enjoy. :)