Monday, November 24, 2008

Reader's Robin Costumes from 1974

This is actually a continuation of the comments sections from last week's post. Back in the 70's, DC allowed readers to send in versions of new costumes for Robin. I don't have the issue that printed the winners, but I do have Batman #259, which printed some of the entries. I thought it'd be fun to show them here. Even back then, most readers knew those bare legs had to be covered. Click to enlarge...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Frank Miller draws my character

Well, back in 1980. I was a fan at the Chicago Comic Convention (was that the name of it?) and was hoping I could get a drawing from John Byrne. The crowd was too dense around him and I never got close enough to ask. At least I think that was the case. My memory's a little vague about it. I do remember however that Frank Miller was sitting by himself with no one around him. He had just recently become the penciler on Daredevil. I had a portfolio of drawings and asked him if he would do a drawing of a character I had created. He was charging $15 a sketch. The results are above. (Yes, as a teenager, I was a fan of Batman and Iron Fist. Why do you ask?)

At the same convention, Joe Rubenstein inked a panel on a page I had penciled featuring a What If idea I had where Spider-Man retained his four extra arms. Seen here.

By the way, the first comic job I ever had was writing and drawing a story for DC's Talent Showcase # 18 in 1985. You may recognize the character from earlier in this post..!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are CATS Highly Intelligent or Just Plain Stupid?

A reader emailed and asked if I would share a cat strip from an old Halo and Sprocket comic (reprinted in H&S: Volume 1). I debated whether to do it or not. Then he sent me this link to a photo from his blog. Ha! I am greatly amused. Here's the cat strip...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Comes Late

I'm somewhat a Tigra fan, so I made myself a post-Halloween Tigra Clock. Which, admittedly, isn't as cool as my Galactic clock. (However it was more of a pain to Photoshop away all the lettering. Yikes.)

Btw, do any of my four readers know who the artists were on this great 70's cover? I'm guessing it was penciled by Gil Kane, but I'm not sure about the inks. Tom Palmer? Klaus Janson maybe?