Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't I know you? Zombie Edition.

Hello. Maybe you've seen my "Happiness Is Fleeting" art somewhere on the internet. It's the sad zombie losing a red balloon (and his arm). It seems to have made the rounds--

And, maybe you've been reading my web comic, Dirtnap Tales. But, did you know my "Happiness" zombie makes a cameo on page 63, which posts today!

Your next steps are obvious--

If you've bought a Happiness Is Fleeting product from Threadless, you need to start reading my web comic.

If you're reading my web comic but have never bought my "Happiness" zombie from Threadless, you need to do that! They have tons of stuff; shirts, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, wall art, notebooks, bed sheets (yep), shower curtains (uh-huh) and a bunch of other things. Collect them all!

If you've already done both of these things-- Well, I tip my gratitude-hat to you sir and/or ma'am!!!