Thursday, November 12, 2015

There's a little George Lucas in all of us.

George Lucas often received grief from fans over the years for changing elements in his re-released Star Wars films. However, if you had the opportunity to go back and change some decisions you've made in the past, wouldn't you? It's a rare gift, really.

When I originally created Halo and Sprocket, I didn't realize parents would share them with their kids. I was merely writing stories that amused me. In hindsight, I understand why pages such as these would appeal to a wide range of ages.

One of the ideas that amused me was writing about Katie's crude and chauvinistic neighbor, Frank. To tell the story, I had to get crude and chauvinistic! No one batted an eye, except for this one scene below--

Long ago, a person told me that these pages was keeping the trade paperback out of a school library. I feel the scene is "PG", but it does have a slightly different vibe than most of my other situations.

So-- as I'm coloring pages for re-release on Comixology, I'm taking the opportunity to change things I feel could be better. This includes minor things. The biggest change, so far, is my rewriting of the above two pages. The joke wasn't great and baby/arrow shirts have disappeared from the public eye over the last decade. This was my chance to George-Lucas them into something different--

It now has a more timeless joke and is a bit more kid friendly. Probably. What do I know? I'm still merely amusing myself. :)

The "Being Frank" story appears in the second issue of H&S. On sale now on Comixology! A bargain at $1.99.