Monday, July 23, 2012

Super Embarrassing

I made a couple of submissions to These parodies have been bouncing around in my head awhile. I decided to finally get them out.

I drew a version of the next image many, many years ago. But, it's really not worth bringing up. (Unless you remember it. If you do, try to forget it.)

If you'd like buy these as T-shirts, you need to vote for the designs to make them available.  Go vote here for the man, and go vote here for the woman. EDIT: Voting is now over. I'll let you know if/when shirts are made and available. EDIT 2: The man art is now available as Shirts, iPhone cases, and Wall Art! (No longer available.) EDIT 3: You can now buy the woman art at TeePublic. CLICK HERE! Wow, I need to do a blog post telling the story of these guys. It takes twists and turns.

Btw, you know what looks wrong? Chest hair...

I thought it would make it funnier, but instead, it merely disturbed me.