Friday, March 31, 2023

Wonder Woman and the JSA Commissions

My latest commission was a request to draw a Wonder Woman based on Barry Windsor-Smith's Conan #1 cover. I drew it in my own style, but tried to keep a similar color feel. Black ink on 11x17 Bristol board, with digital colors. Here's the original cover--

Hey! I just realized I never posted the commission I did before the above one! I was asked to "draw my three favorite JSA characters." After checking with the requester, I went a little different direction. You see A LOT of group comic covers that are perfectly timed as the characters run towards you. I wanted to draw one that wasn't. Btw, the Golden Age Atom is my favorite JSA member. I LOVE his oddball costume!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Remember Reader's Digest?

I was looking for some things, and found an Reader's Digest issue from December 1985. I had a story printed in CAMPUS COMEDY! I think I got $400 for it. Back then, that was amazing!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Captain America vs Batman, by Jack Kirby

Sometimes I see pencils by Jack Kirby and I have to ink and color them. I HAVE TO!! I've inked Kirby a couple of times for fun and always stuck exactly to his pencils. But, this time I took tiny little liberties that I felt spiffied it up, such as with Cap's shield. Here's his original pencils--