Monday, April 21, 2014

Recent work

I'll say upfront, I assume most people visit my blog for the superhero parodies. I love doing them. I have plans for more. But, for now, here's other art I've been doing--

I continue to work on my 140 page monster graphic novel. Below is a one-off panel showing that there is a vampire loose in the story. I'm going with somewhat iconic looks for all the monsters, which include ghosts, zombies, and werewolves. As with my comic heroes parodies, I like applying my own logic onto iconic characters.

All things considered, I'm close to halfway finished. I constantly debate whether this would be best released as a graphic novel, a web comic, or even a monthly mini-series. We'll see.

Below is a faux comic cover for an upcoming independent film by Jørgen Pedersen. It's titled "Cook & Banks," due out in the Summer of 2015. Jørgen give me descriptions and asked for art of the title characters, with a 70's-80's hero vibe. You can find out a bit more information at Bare Bear Productions.

And finally, if you're a gamer, my "Happiness is Fleeting" zombie image is now available as an awesome playmat! Available at Inked Playmats!