Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Joke NOT in MAD #7

As I developed ideas for "Shazam Funnies" (which appears in MAD #7), I actually had two ideas for a Calvin and Hobbes parody. Here's the one you didn't see--

I typically supply a script and descriptions of my concepts. My other "Billy and Tawny" idea is the one that got chosen. It is more MAD-like. (If you've ever read my Halo and Sprocket stories, you know that sometimes I get a little sweet, as compared to always going for a joke-only punchline.) Here's the finish "Shazam Funnies" that appeared in MAD.

However, my other idea stuck in my mind, so I went ahead and drew it just for kicks!

Here is another piece of my art that appears in MAD #7-- the Batman/Superman gag on the cover of the Potrzebie comic section. I've seen a cropped, square version of this shared around the internet, but honestly I like the bigger, vertical image more.

Anyhoo, MAD #7 is no sale NOW. You should go buy it. I think that cover's pretty funny! :)