Monday, June 26, 2023

Super Antics #19

In the modern telling of Batman's origin, I've never thought a bat could fly through a pane of glass under its own power. Here's my unofficial contribution to the story.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Commissions! Crisis! Vartox! More!

This client's request was for an image of Crisis on Infinite Earths if it happened in the 60’s. I TRIED to keep it all serious, but Golden Age Green Lantern slipped by me a bit. (And yes, I know Supergirl’s skirt was blue during this period, but it looks sooooo much better as red.)

Here's the original 1985 cover by George PĂ©rez.

This one might need a bit of explaining...

In February of 1974, the sci-fi movie ZARDOZ was released, starring Sean Connery.

Towards the end of that same year, DC Comics introduced a character named VARTOX in Superman #281. He looked suspiciously similar to Connery’s character. I received a commission request to draw Vartox in a "Curt Swan" style and invoke the feel of the Zardoz movie poster.

The above image is a commission request that came from a person who created his own characters (when he was much younger) and now collects baseball-card size art of them. I asked if I could draw them in a retro "Marvel Value Stamp" style, and happily, he agreed! He also prints indy comics with these characters. If you're curious, you can see them here.

This one was a birthday present! I tried to write a gag that was occasion appropriate and felt like it came from the 60’s. It's for a collector who routinely commissions Sugar and Spike art for “Issue #100.” The actual S&S series ended at #99. Seems like they could have held on for one more “Special Cancellation Issue!” You can see ALL his Sugar and Spike commissions here.