Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Commissions, Comissions

 If you're one of my two readers, is it better for me to have my artwork in individuals posts, or should I group a few together? Like this--

I was asked to create Power Girl and Firestorm as a "flirty buddy cop duo." Tried my best.

Batman vs. Killer Moth, inspired by Dick Sprang's art style. It's nice that Killer Moth shows Batman what a cool animal costume can look like!

Here's (a version of) my take on the original Phantom Lady #17 cover, from 1948. It is well known to comic book historians. First of all, the cover is by Matt Baker, a fantastic artist who was one of the few black comic creators back in the day. Second, the provocative image is one of the things that helped the US government crack down on comics in the 50’s, leading to the formation of the Comics Code Authority.

Here's the type of commission I always enjoy drawing-- Taking a fairly obscure character and creating a vintage pin-up, pretending they were popular! Black ink on Bristol board, plus digital color. If you're interested in a commission, please shoot me an email, seen in the right column.

Oh! And I've also recently created a portrait of a couple! 😁

It's Giant Aquaman Annual #1! Or IS it?

Is this a very hard-to-find issue from the 60’s? The one where most copies were destroyed after the printer discover hidden hippy symbols inside? Or, is it my newest artwork commission? Who can say for sure--