Monday, July 31, 2023

BIG Big Bang!

I recently had the privilege of drawing an alternative cover for a Big Bang Comics Kickstarter campaign. The comic is BIG, a "treasury-size" edition (8.7" x 13.3"), full color. Read more here and please consider backing the project. More info at--

Also, I have a wacky two-page comic story inside! Below is the first panel. 

Should be a fun book!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Four Really Unrelated Commissions!

First up, a commission of Ma Hunkel in her superhero identity, Red Tornado! I drew this one in my own natural style. (With a tip of the hat to Sheldon Mayer.) It's a sweet spot for me, a Golden Age character that's slightly cartoon-y.

And for something totally different--

Apparently there was a scandal during a chili cook-off involving store-bought chili. I was sent photos of the people involved and now it's a Cable #3 cover parody! Ha ha! Original--

The following commission was a request for Death from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. In an attempt for give it my own spin, I asked if I could include the original Doom Patrol (or should we say "Doomed Patrol"). Happily the answer was yes! I first discovered comic books as a 5 year-old in a barber shop-- Metamorpho, Metal Men, and Doom Patrol. (Hmm. Probably all the titles that didn't sell at the dime store. They were coverless.) I didn't put any jokes in this one. (Unless you consider walking on sand in high heels funny.) For those who don't know, the Doom Patrol was killed in 1968 when their book was canceled.
And lastly, another left turn-- Rick & Morty run through Halo & Sprocket's world! I was surprised that Rick, Morty, and Sprocket all have the same kind of feet.
I have another H&S commission coming up soon, mixed with a "realistic" character. It should be fun!
If you've never read my Halo and Sprocket comics, you really should. It's some of my most thoughtful work. Available here!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Commissions - Covers Edition

Here's my recreation of X-Men #137. Admittedly, I added a few of my own elements.

The below commission is the first time I've created a "one second later" cover. It's based on World's Finest #3 from 1941. Batman looks funny without blue eyebrows.

Lastly, this commission is for someone with a red-headed spouse!

The title "Red & Ready" has a meaning to the married couple. All four panels are loosely based on existing covers, as per the request. Marvel Girl/Phoenix is from the X-men cover seen at the beginning of this post. Here are the others, for those curious--

All work is black ink on Bristol board, with digital color. I also supplied a one-off, large color print.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Super Antics #19

In the modern telling of Batman's origin, I've never thought a bat could fly through a pane of glass under its own power. Here's my unofficial contribution to the story.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Commissions! Crisis! Vartox! More!

This client's request was for an image of Crisis on Infinite Earths if it happened in the 60’s. I TRIED to keep it all serious, but Golden Age Green Lantern slipped by me a bit. (And yes, I know Supergirl’s skirt was blue during this period, but it looks sooooo much better as red.)

Here's the original 1985 cover by George Pérez.

This one might need a bit of explaining...

In February of 1974, the sci-fi movie ZARDOZ was released, starring Sean Connery.

Towards the end of that same year, DC Comics introduced a character named VARTOX in Superman #281. He looked suspiciously similar to Connery’s character. I received a commission request to draw Vartox in a "Curt Swan" style and invoke the feel of the Zardoz movie poster.

The above image is a commission request that came from a person who created his own characters (when he was much younger) and now collects baseball-card size art of them. I asked if I could draw them in a retro "Marvel Value Stamp" style, and happily, he agreed! He also prints indy comics with these characters. If you're curious, you can see them here.

This one was a birthday present! I tried to write a gag that was occasion appropriate and felt like it came from the 60’s. It's for a collector who routinely commissions Sugar and Spike art for “Issue #100.” The actual S&S series ended at #99. Seems like they could have held on for one more “Special Cancellation Issue!” You can see ALL his Sugar and Spike commissions here.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Voodoo That You Do


This commission was drawing the character from the cover of  Voodoo #8. I could have drawn a more accurate snake head, but I wanted to keep the goofiness of the original cover--

I tried my art with a small logo. It looks good aesthetically, but, really, Voodoo and Egypt don't go together. The original comic is from 1953. You know how it was.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Batman! Joker! Green Lantern! Dr. Fate! Ice Maidens! More Commissions!

The above commission was a request to have "first appearance" Batman hit the Joker with a large, specific sound effect. "Kablamm!" Done and done! I decided to put off-registered color on the Joker. THAT'S how hard Batman hits!!

I'm a fan of the primitive way superheroes' powers were represented in the Golden Age. So, for the above commission I played it up! I never thought about how Green Lantern's beam might be made of flame. It makes so much sense coming from an old-time lantern.

The ladies above are lesser-known DC characters. I’m not sure if they ever hung out together or not. Apparently most of them were part of the Global Guardians at some point. From top to right-- Fire (or Green Flame), Owlwoman (or Owl-Woman), Godiva, Ice (or Ice Maiden II), and Ice Maiden.

Btw, on all commissions, I now offer a color print, hand-signed, by me "1 of 1." Most pieces are created in black ink on Bristol board, which you receive. I then add digital colors, and make only one print. (You also get the digital file.) If you have commissioned it from me, you're the only person to have a high res print. (I go to a printing service for this, to insure quality.) If you're interested, please shoot me an email at

Monday, May 1, 2023

Captain America Eats His Shield!

I've come across some of my older, ink on Bristol board, artwork. I've decided to sell a bit of it. If you're interested, here's my listing on ebay for Captain America eating his shield. The listing includes a single, comic-sized printout of my mock cover. Bid on it here!

I originally posted this image back in 2010! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Commissions, Comissions

 If you're one of my two readers, is it better for me to have my artwork in individuals posts, or should I group a few together? Like this--

I was asked to create Power Girl and Firestorm as a "flirty buddy cop duo." Tried my best.

Batman vs. Killer Moth, inspired by Dick Sprang's art style. It's nice that Killer Moth shows Batman what a cool animal costume can look like!

Here's (a version of) my take on the original Phantom Lady #17 cover, from 1948. It is well known to comic book historians. First of all, the cover is by Matt Baker, a fantastic artist who was one of the few black comic creators back in the day. Second, the provocative image is one of the things that helped the US government crack down on comics in the 50’s, leading to the formation of the Comics Code Authority.

Here's the type of commission I always enjoy drawing-- Taking a fairly obscure character and creating a vintage pin-up, pretending they were popular! Black ink on Bristol board, plus digital color. If you're interested in a commission, please shoot me an email, seen in the right column.

Oh! And I've also recently created a portrait of a couple! 😁

It's Giant Aquaman Annual #1! Or IS it?

Is this a very hard-to-find issue from the 60’s? The one where most copies were destroyed after the printer discover hidden hippy symbols inside? Or, is it my newest artwork commission? Who can say for sure--

Friday, March 31, 2023

Wonder Woman and the JSA Commissions

My latest commission was a request to draw a Wonder Woman based on Barry Windsor-Smith's Conan #1 cover. I drew it in my own style, but tried to keep a similar color feel. Black ink on 11x17 Bristol board, with digital colors. Here's the original cover--

Hey! I just realized I never posted the commission I did before the above one! I was asked to "draw my three favorite JSA characters." After checking with the requester, I went a little different direction. You see A LOT of group comic covers that are perfectly timed as the characters run towards you. I wanted to draw one that wasn't. Btw, the Golden Age Atom is my favorite JSA member. I LOVE his oddball costume!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Remember Reader's Digest?

I was looking for some things, and found an Reader's Digest issue from December 1985. I had a story printed in CAMPUS COMEDY! I think I got $400 for it. Back then, that was amazing!

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Captain America vs Batman, by Jack Kirby

Sometimes I see pencils by Jack Kirby and I have to ink and color them. I HAVE TO!! I've inked Kirby a couple of times for fun and always stuck exactly to his pencils. But, this time I took tiny little liberties that I felt spiffied it up, such as with Cap's shield. Here's his original pencils--

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Commissions - Kid Flash and Alfred E. Neuman!


You may not recognize the lady in this first image. It's Lilith, an old Teen Titans member, from back in the 70's! Ha! You thought it was Jean Grey, didn't you? I actually drew this one twice. The first version looked like this--

In my initial sketch, I had shown Lilith's face, but as I drew it, it seemed funnier to cover it. The person receiving the art said he missed her face. So-- light-table and new inks to the rescue! He didn't ask me to redo it, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

This next piece involves Alfred E. Neuman and Sylvester P. Symthe, mascot of MAD and Cracked magazines, respectfully. (Hmm, maybe I should say "disrespectfully.) 

Alfred has always been missing a tooth, so he took Sylvester's! They also switched clothes. Who knows why. They're MAD, CRACKED in the head, I tells ya!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel!

My latest commission was redrawing a "Superman vs. Shazam" cover, but with Supergirl and Mary Marvel in front! The art is 11" x 17", a different shape than the original. It gave me extra room for the background characters! Black ink on Bristol Board + digital color.

Here's the original--