Monday, February 28, 2011

Public Service Artwork

I've been extremely busy the last few weeks. Today, a friend pointed out that I have no February blogs posts. But, it isn't too late if I upload something tonight! Challenge accepted.

Last week, my son told me he needed artwork for a Don Quixote sock puppet show he was doing at school. Due the next day! He wanted artwork with two sides, on a stick, so he could flip a windmill around to change it into a giant!

He looked on the internet, but couldn't find any suitable art. So, below, I present the fastest completed artwork I've ever created. Little planning. No erasing.

Click on each to enlarge. I'm posting these for use by anyone who might need them. The silhouettes match up. Just cut 'em out and glue them to each other. Here are some key words to help others find this site-- Don Quixote fights windmill. Windmill changes to Giant artwork. Technically incorrect windmill. Hairy armpit giant.