Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Wacky Billy!

I came across this item recently. Back in '90 I used to work with an individual who was quite gullible. At some point, I wondered just how gullible the person was, so I altered a panel in the newspaper comic section and said, "Have you seen today's Family Circus!?! I Xeroxed it!"

The person's response was sincere. "Oh wow. I wonder why he would do that? Do you think he's having trouble at home?"

I later confessed what I did. I'm a softy at heart. Sort of.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Tigra You Never Saw

I've admitted I'm a Tigra fan on this site. Apparently, in current Marvel continuity, she has been abused with all sorts of unfortunate circumstances. In the early 90's I had submitted a 6 page Tigra idea to What the..?. Marvel showed interest in it and then What the..? was canceled. End of that story. This was during the time period when John Byrne was doing She-Hulk and Tigra wasn't being used in any comic.

I find the ending of my proposed story a bit interesting, considering Tigra's current situations. Below are my old roughs, so judge them kindly. (Yes, I'm too lazy to actually draw the whole thing just for the benefit of my 8 readers. I did give the first panel, above, the finished treatment...) Click to enlarge.

The fourth panel below was supposed to be a boob joke.

I remember being disappointed in myself for making the obvious hairball joke, but I felt it was obligatory.

At the time, everyone was making Wolverine rip-offs, so I had to do one.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Deadman should stop solving murders...

...and spend all his time possessing slow people who clog traffic by driving in the %&$@# fast lane! Make 'em move over, Boston!!!