Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Did George Lucas name the Blog?

Okay, I know he probably didn't. But, have you ever noticed how the names in the first Star Wars movie sound a lot like the characters' traits themselves? Kind of how blog sounds like web log?

Let's run through some of them...

First, we have some type of dark invader.

The main character, Luke, wants to get off his planet. If only he could walk into the sky.

Then we have a guy who likes to work alone... solo, if you will. Did I mention he's good with his hands?

However, he's not truly alone. He has a dog-like sidekick. We never see it, but I suspect he might chew and bark.

The lady in the film also has a meaningful name, but I won't lay it out for you.

Luke's master in the film will eventually be one with the universe.

Luke's master's master, who we don't see until the next movie, is spiritual and... Aw screw it! Yoda sounds like Yoga, okay?

I like Star Wars. I razz with love.


Yedna said...

I read J.D. Salinger employed a similar method when naming his 'Glass' family. Seymore Glass = see more glass etc. Now, Dap, Flipper Purify, Bleek Gilliam... figuring out how Spike Lee names his leading characters to correspond with their roles in his films is a whole new challenge.

Kerry Callen said...

Interesting. I'm guessing a lot of writers may use a similar technique. I was just surprised when I realized the connections for all these Star Wars names that I had heard for years and years!

Anonymous said...

"Vader" is also Dutch for "why did you find the climax of Empire Strikes Back surprising?"