Saturday, June 28, 2008

Batman! Put Your Pants Back On!

The mid-1980's was a time of change for comics. Watchmen came out, Dark Knight Returns was published... well, it's been talked and written about a lot.

Perhaps most shocking however, is the scene from Batman Special #1. Batman knocks a woman unconscious, then is suddenly not wearing pants. His thoughts makes it even more disturbing.

(Yes, I know comics were color separated by hand back then, and his legs probably just got overlooked on the cyan plate, but you just love a good controversy?)


Richard Marcej said...

That woman's breasts are achieving heights of pointedness.

Unknown said...

Also her hand is very unfortunately positioned. Took me a minute to realize I wasn't seeing Bat-junk.

Dave dude said...

So he took his pants off and put his boots back on in case he had to make a fast get-a-way.