Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Voodoo That You Do


This commission was drawing the character from the cover of  Voodoo #8. I could have drawn a more accurate snake head, but I wanted to keep the goofiness of the original cover--

I tried my art with a small logo. It looks good aesthetically, but, really, Voodoo and Egypt don't go together. The original comic is from 1953. You know how it was.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Batman! Joker! Green Lantern! Dr. Fate! Ice Maidens! More Commissions!

The above commission was a request to have "first appearance" Batman hit the Joker with a large, specific sound effect. "Kablamm!" Done and done! I decided to put off-registered color on the Joker. THAT'S how hard Batman hits!!

I'm a fan of the primitive way superheroes' powers were represented in the Golden Age. So, for the above commission I played it up! I never thought about how Green Lantern's beam might be made of flame. It makes so much sense coming from an old-time lantern.

The ladies above are lesser-known DC characters. I’m not sure if they ever hung out together or not. Apparently most of them were part of the Global Guardians at some point. From top to right-- Fire (or Green Flame), Owlwoman (or Owl-Woman), Godiva, Ice (or Ice Maiden II), and Ice Maiden.

Btw, on all commissions, I now offer a color print, hand-signed, by me "1 of 1." Most pieces are created in black ink on Bristol board, which you receive. I then add digital colors, and make only one print. (You also get the digital file.) If you have commissioned it from me, you're the only person to have a high res print. (I go to a printing service for this, to insure quality.) If you're interested, please shoot me an email at

Monday, May 1, 2023

Captain America Eats His Shield!

I've come across some of my older, ink on Bristol board, artwork. I've decided to sell a bit of it. If you're interested, here's my listing on ebay for Captain America eating his shield. The listing includes a single, comic-sized printout of my mock cover. Bid on it here!

I originally posted this image back in 2010!