Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Commissions! Avengers! Spider-Man! Harley Quinn! More!

First up-- The Avengers! This commission was for me to draw the iconic scene from the first Avengers movie into a comic panel, but using 60's characters. I tried a grey Iron Man and a grey Hulk, but they disappeared into the background too much. I'm fairly sure Tony couldn't look up in that outfit. I had to lean him back. 😋 Here's a frame from The Avengers movie.

Next, a horizontal version of All-Star Comics #4, with three more characters added. I had to do some rearranging! If you think Flash runs funny, I just assumed he could speed-walk and still beat everyone!

A few weeks later, that commission lead to another version, this time with Wildcat instead of Wonder Woman. It also has a different logo and a few other minor tweaks. I completely redrew/recolored it!

I originally drew the following Spider-Man in a sketchbook, in black ink only. I thought it would be fun to spiffy it up and give it a color treatment. 

It is, of course, based on Amazing Fantasy #15.

Oh No! That reminds me-- I never posted this poster I did for a local comic convention! Dang. It's already come and gone. I was there. It was fun!

Next, I was asked to merely draw Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The situation was left up to me. I might have gotten a little carried away with roses.

Here's a commission of Golden Age Wildcat. As I was drawing it, I mentioned to my wife I’ve never quite understood the flappy things hanging down from his mask. She replied, "Oh, it’s like a bobcat." Ah. Bobcats DO have them. I guess it was the black costume throwing me. On a different note, I’m not sure how I neglected to draw pants on the bad guy. Insert your own story here.

Finally, a little-seen E-Man Annual printed by DC Comics, OR my latest commissioned artwork? YOU decide!


Anonymous said...

The signs at the store always say "No shirt, no shoes, no service." They never say anything about pants. Wildcat was just pointing out to the gent that part is supposed to be understood.

Or the guy was just wearing shorts.

Kerry Callen said...

Yes, let's go with that first thing!

Chester said...

My take is punched guy was in shorts. Yes, shorts, social shoes and socks - which is reason enough to be punched, because Wildcat does a side hustle as fashion police.

Kerry Callen said...

Probably cargo shorts.

Aldo Regalado said...

Hi, Kerry! I love your work! Where can I get your commission rates?

Kerry Callen said...

Absolutely. Please email me at KerryCallenArt@gmail.com Thanks.