Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Offenders! Ah, the memories...

This week's Hulk featured the "Offenders".

My very first, nationally published work was the Offenders!

Yes, it's tacky. I was young. I needed the exposure. Unfortunately, the magazine's index page credited the art to "Terry Callen."

(Btw, the unfortunately-placed sword and hilt wasn't positioned there intentionally. Ah, the ignorance of youth.)

The year was 1981. My art was a "Silly Cover" in the now long-defunct comic magazine Amazing Heroes. I had submitted the "Offenders" to the Comic Journal, as they used to print fan art in the letter pages. An editor named Peppy White wrote me stating they were starting a brand new comic magazine called Amazing Heroes. My art had given him the idea to begin a regular feature called Silly Covers. Mine would be the very first one. I was thrilled to see in printed AH #4.


Anonymous said...

Ignorance or Freudian?

Kerry Callen said...

I've got to go with ignorance on this one. If Valkyrie had, say, a lantern as a weapon, I would have drawn a lantern in front of Dr. Strange. She's the only character with an object.

Kevin said...

Just when I was wondering what I would have you sign at Planet Comicon, too.