Thursday, July 17, 2008

Galactus Clock!

About a week ago, I was at Hobby Lobby and noticed they had several items on clearance. The clock on the above left was priced at $2.60. I thought, "Hmm, if I bought that, I could add my own art to it!" I had no idea what art I'd add to it, but I bought it anyway. On the drive home I realized, since it had a pendulum, I had to make a Galactus and Silver Surfer clock.

I did.

(And, of course, since Galactus was involved, it had to be Jack Kirby art.)


Richard Marcej said...

A Galactus Clock.

Now you can keep the time until your world is destroyed!

(While that's cool, I think I'd have made a Watchmen Clock. Either large blood stained Smiley with Rorshach pendulum or vice-versa.)

Kerry Callen said...

That's great idea.

I also want to do a Ditko Spider-Man with his round spider-signal thingie as the pendulum.

Or the a shieldless Captain America with a shield pendulum.

Oh! I know. That old Kirby shirt drawing of the Fantastic Four head shots with a "4" pendulum.

Wow. There's a ton of possibilities...

Richard Marcej said...

... or replace all numbers with an old Kirby (1960's) Marvel character head shot as the numbers on the clock.

But you know (having worked with the mindset of those who make marketing decisions) that if they came out with a series of clocks they would NEVER approve the cool/sharp looking designs.

Norrin2 said...

The only way that could possible be any cooler was if if you'd used John Buscema art.

Kerry Callen said...

I agree that Buscema's Silver Surfer is cooler, but when it comes to Galactus himself, it hard to beat Kirby..!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Beats that ol' Nuclear Clock. That one's always stuck at a couple minutes to midnight anyway. How useful is that?