Monday, July 7, 2008

New Halo and Sprocket out this week!

Halo and Sprocket Vol 2: Natural Creatures hit the (American) comic stores this Thursday, July 10! Here's a description...

"Welcome to the further adventures of an angel and a robot who live with a young, single woman! Why are clowns scary? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do women shave their legs but not their arms? Is it a good idea to play a practical joke on an all-powerful angel? Find out the answer to these questions and others you’ve never even wanted to ask! Logic, metaphysics and human nature collide in these quirky, short stories about the idiosyncrasies of life. Discover why Halo and Sprocket is a favorite among fans and critics alike with these all new stories and 4 pages of little seen newspaper strips."

Click on the back cover to the right if you'd like to read more...

Halo and Sprocket is also available directly from SLG Publishing, then later from Amazon and other fine book dealers!

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Richard Marcej said...

I only get to my LCS about every two months, but I went yesterday (8/3) and saw the new H&S in the Independent book section.

I'm not sure, but they probably had it out with the New Releases when it first came out.

They had two copies left.