Sunday, October 22, 2017

Marvel Hair Jokes!

It's Inktober!

Or so I'm told. That's when you ink something (everyday?) in the month of October. Well, I didn't do that. However, I did recently come across a page I had penciled in the late 90's. (?) I then thought it would be fun for Fifty-Something Kerry to ink Thirty-Something Kerry. So I did it! Here's the result--

I didn't spend much time on the color. It's Inktober, not Colortober.

Oh! Here's the pencils. I just had a bad xerox copy.


nmbac said...

Have an idea for your next art chore! Wonder Woman and various other female heroes are talking over how each hero has an particular scent. Superman - smog / Batman - gunmetal / Aquaman - aquarium / Flash - sweat and then one hero comes in and asks what they're talking about. After they respond "nothing" they turn to each other and swoon because this hero smells great. Possible?

Scott Haley said...

"What if Medusa went bald" actually happened on the recent and very bad Inhumans TV series.

Mario Angel Baracus said...

I read somwhere that if you shave a tiger it still has stripes in his bare skin... Do you think Tigra's stripes are like that to?

Kerry Callen said...

Mario! I think you're right about the stripes! Oh well, artist's prerogative. More visual impact this way. :)

Unknown said...

Madusa is double scary than she is now,image being tangled by her armpit hair.