Monday, March 30, 2009

Look at all the robots!

I was a guest at Plant Comicon this last weekend. It was a great show. I wouldn't be surprised if it beat its own attendance records. It was nice to visit with fans of Halo and Sprocket and with friends I don't often see.

Oddly for me, a robot theme emerged.

First, we have the exclusive Sprocket T-shirt I was offering....

Next, shortly after I set up my space, R2D2 (?!?) approached my table. An actual size, working robot!

Then, my friend Chris Grine (creator of the awesome Chickenhare) drew the quick sketch seen below. It's a takeoff of his 165 Bots With Stuff, as seen on the always entertaining Shoebox blog.

I also sat by artist Rob Davis. If his last name was "Ot," my con experience would have been complete.

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