Monday, November 17, 2008

Frank Miller draws my character

Well, back in 1980. I was a fan at the Chicago Comic Convention (was that the name of it?) and was hoping I could get a drawing from John Byrne. The crowd was too dense around him and I never got close enough to ask. At least I think that was the case. My memory's a little vague about it. I do remember however that Frank Miller was sitting by himself with no one around him. He had just recently become the penciler on Daredevil. I had a portfolio of drawings and asked him if he would do a drawing of a character I had created. He was charging $15 a sketch. The results are above. (Yes, as a teenager, I was a fan of Batman and Iron Fist. Why do you ask?)

At the same convention, Joe Rubenstein inked a panel on a page I had penciled featuring a What If idea I had where Spider-Man retained his four extra arms. Seen here.

By the way, the first comic job I ever had was writing and drawing a story for DC's Talent Showcase # 18 in 1985. You may recognize the character from earlier in this post..!


Kevin said...

I loved New Talent Showcase back in the day. I'm sure I read your story when it ran because I had a complete run of that title. I think Rick Stasi had a story in that title. Know anyone else from these parts who was printed in NTS?

Your post reminded me of one of the coolest things I remember seeing in a comic from the '70s. DC sponsored a contest seeking designs for a new costume for Robin. The winners eventually were published (I think in an issue of Batman Family), and Robin donned each of the three finalists for some action in a few panels.

I did some scouring of the interweb for a link to some scans of this issue, and I came up short, but apparently, one of the winners of this contest was Norm Breyfogle, who went on to do his share of Batman. Another of the winners was Joe Montgomery, who was two years ahead of me in high school. His mom was the organist in our church.

Now that was cool.

K. Callen said...

Yes. Someone else "from these parts" printed in NTS was Steve Lightle. He had a story that ran over a few issues, if I remember correctly. It's funny you would mention Norm Breyfogle, since he was also printed in NTS. (I know this because I sat next to him at a con a few years ago.)

I also remember the Robin costume contest! And you're going to find this really ironic (btw, I always misuse that word), but, as a kid, I was so impressed by the emblem on one of the Robin full-mask designs that I used it when I created my own character. The same character that Frank Miller drew for me!!!

Kevin said...

We have to find that issue. I need to get another look at those boss threads.

Anonymous said...

Rubenstien did a GREA job inking a Warlock I did waaaaayyyyy back when. It still holds up nicely today. I have another one that a friend of mine took to a NYC con and it turned into a big jam session. Bob Wiacek inked the main figure. Rudy Nebres inks the two smaller figures and a host of people (Austin, Sinkewicz, Buckler, about 10-13 guys) each inked an arm or a leg or a face.

Ogrebear said...

Joe Rubenstein did a great job on your Six Armed Spider-Man!

I am soooo jealous...