Monday, October 6, 2008

Gas! Gas!

I own two Captain America comics written and drawn by Jack Kirby.

I opened the Bicentennial Battles to a page with the following panel on it...

When I opened Captain America #193, it noticed this panel...

I then (very disrespectfully) wondered why it would occur to an artist, sitting alone at his drawing table, to write about gas suddenly appearing.

I then had a great desire to pull out other Kirby comics to see if I could find more panels filled with gas.

But, following that, I had an even greater desire not to.


Rich said...

I blame the spy movies of the time.

Also, that's hilarious.

Unknown said...

I heard that the gas that killed Bucky was silent but deadly.

What? Bucky was killed by a bomb? In a plane?

Nnnnnnope. This way is funnier.

Kerry Callen said...

Spy movies, eh? Wasn't that usually knock-out gas or such?

In the first book, Captain America was trapped in a cave. It was supposed to be natural gas, which actually doesn't HAVE a smell. In real life, the smell is later added to alert people of a leak, I think.

Alex Whitington & Rob Turner said...

YOU'RE a gas!