Monday, October 20, 2008

CBG Review

Timothy Wood wrote a very nice piece in Comics Buyers Guide #1648. He named Halo and Sprocket: Natural Creatures as the "Indy Pick of the Month" and gave it four out of four stars. Thank you Timothy! (Click on the image below if you're curious to read it...)

I realize it's a bit self-serving to blog about a review, and possibly not very entertaining to you, the reader.

So here's a picture of a cat smoking a cigar.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kerry-

Loved Volume, 2. Keep em coming!

Can you clarify something? Was Sprocket's Alphabet an original creation, or was that from something else? I'd love to get that font, if it exists somewhere.

Kerry Callen said...

Sorry, it's just something I made up by erasing parts of Arial.

Glad you liked Vol. 2!