Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Commissions - Kid Flash and Alfred E. Neuman!


You may not recognize the lady in this first image. It's Lilith, an old Teen Titans member, from back in the 70's! Ha! You thought it was Jean Grey, didn't you? I actually drew this one twice. The first version looked like this--

In my initial sketch, I had shown Lilith's face, but as I drew it, it seemed funnier to cover it. The person receiving the art said he missed her face. So-- light-table and new inks to the rescue! He didn't ask me to redo it, but it seemed like the right thing to do.

This next piece involves Alfred E. Neuman and Sylvester P. Symthe, mascot of MAD and Cracked magazines, respectfully. (Hmm, maybe I should say "disrespectfully.) 

Alfred has always been missing a tooth, so he took Sylvester's! They also switched clothes. Who knows why. They're MAD, CRACKED in the head, I tells ya!


Anonymous said...

I must admit, after I saw the post title in my RSS feed, I was a little disappointed they weren't in the same drawing.

Kerry Callen said...

Ha ha! Maybe that will be my next request.

Pharmakeus Ubik said...

Where was Melvin Cowznofski in all of this?

Kerry Callen said...

Wow. Deep dive!!

Anonymous said...

Great work!