Saturday, October 16, 2021

Animated Zombie Cover


I’ve been working on DIRTNAP: Mystic Spit for years. First, I had it as a webcomic. Then, I decided to break it into digital issues for Comixology. But, many of you told me, YOU SIMPLY WANTED A PRINTED PAPER BOOK to read. So— here it is! 180 pages of fun-loving monster madness. Available at IndyPlant. Click here.

EDIT: Now also available on Amazon! Click here.

In the past, I've animated other comic covers for fun. But, I've never animated one of my own covers. So I did!

If you wonder what the insides looks like, here's an excerpt--

And another--

Dirtnap by Kerry Callen. Mystic Spit. All material TM and © K. Callen.


tbrosz said...

I dearly want one of these but their shipping is more than the price of the comic, and IndyPlanet's purchasing interface isn't working for me. Have you considered publishing it on Amazon? KDP does have a comic publishing interface.

Kerry Callen said...

I did checking on postage. The book is 182 pages and weighs about a pound. The current Priority Mail rate is $16.25. (!) And, that doesn't include shipping materials. The "Media Rate," with 6 day delivery, is $3.82. Add shipping material to that and I can send one for 5 bucks shipping (+ $14.99 for the book).

OR... I just submitted to Amazon KDF for approval. We'll see...

Kerry Callen said...

Now available on AMAZON!