Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Origin of SPIDERY-MAN!

I was lucky enough to create original content for MAD Magazine until they went to mostly reprints the last year or so. I enjoyed all of it, but one of my favorite pieces was this 3-page parody I wrote and drew of Spider-Man's origin.

Batman is often shown as a bat-shape in the comics, The first panel of my story is supposed to be "Spidery-Man" in a spider-shape. Not sure if it's obvious or not.

I didn't try to create an exact copy of Steve Ditko's art style. Instead, I drew in my own style as if it was heavily influenced by Ditko.

I thought it was a bit ironic that Marvel was known for their monster stories in the early 60's, but the radiated spider in Spider-Man's origin didn't turn into anything horrible.

Originally, I had a different last page written. Uncle "Ken" was at the wrestling ring where Spidery-Man fought. Uncle Ken lost all his money, betting on the wrong guy, and had a heart attack and died. "P. P. Poker" takes the money he won and skipped town to avoid all responsibility. It was fine, but this new one occurred to me and I like it much better.

Oh! The issue (MAD #3, 2018) also had a "cover" to this story.


Rien said...

That's good stuff!

msoktid said...

That's awesome!!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Very nice.
LOL'd when he kept the splashed spider.

Kerry Callen said...

Thanks, Eolake. No one's ever commented on that part.

rolandc754 said...

This is great, especially the Ditko-esque touches, but did the spider have to bite him in the eye? You're a sick man, Kerry Callen.