Saturday, January 23, 2021

Would Wolverine be as popular if he looked like THIS?

I know, I know, you think he looks like this (or some variation of it).

My version is ridiculous you say? Take a quick look at some of Marvel's other "animal" characters that existed the 70's-- The Rhino, the Grizzly, the Gibbon, the Man-Ape. There are others too, and they all wear a costume.

Given their track record, Wolverine could have followed in the same footsteps (prints?). But instead, he looks cool. It no doubt made a difference in his popularity.

Why did I think of this? Because this week I saw a picture of the superhero Razorback. I grew up in Arkansas (which has a college football team named the Razorbacks). When Razorback first appeared in the 70's, I thought. "Yay! Arkansas is being represented! And Razorback is a great name for a superhero!" Then I immediately thought, "Egad! What a stupid costume!" He was never popular and I've been bitter all these years.

So, today, I take it out on Wolverine.


Kevyn Knox said...

Ha! He would definitely be popular at furries conventions.

Kerry Callen said...

Ha ha!

Mike Norton said...

Ha! Apt, and great fun, as is usual from you!
I'm guessing that if there was any thought to giving him fur it was likely ditched pretty quickly as Romita, etc. thought about how that hadn't been a proven path to success for anyone.
When I saw Wolverine in those first appearances back in the day,I didn't think much of him. I enjoyed, but not in a character-positive way, the whisker lines on his mask.
Anyway, he seemed like way too much of not only a cypher, but a specialty appearance character. Someone who attacked with great stabby claws got to debut in a story where the protagonist's skin couldn't be cut, and he was up against a supernatural, immortal, man-eating (always off-panel) fiend. The thought of him operating in a standard comic didn't seem likely!
As for Razorback, me being up here in Pennsylvania I wasn't much taken with him. It seemed too clearly another attempt at a trend-driven character. Truckers and CB radios. Yeah, I was ready to ignore him much as I would, later, do with Dazzler and the roller-disco theme.

Kerry Callen said...

I first saw Wolverine in Giant-Sized X-Men #1. I thought he looked cool, but I always thought Nightcrawler looked the coolest. (Oh! I should draw him in a worm costume! Naw.)

Unknown said...

I really like your version of Wolverine- I am sure this is his costume in one of Marvel's many universes.

Not sure about the belt- perhaps a few more pics of this Wolverine to convince me? Please? :)

Gley said...

Razorback also has fans around there. This guy on IG makes fake movie posters, and he remembered the old truck driver on this post: