Monday, February 18, 2019

Aquaman Funnies from MAD #6

I think I've written before that as I grew up in the boonies of Arkansas (where the school didn't have art classes) the only artwork I saw was that in comic books, Sunday comic strips, and MAD. Well, this month, all three come crashing together in MAD #6 with Aquaman Funnies! I had SO MUCH fun creating this--

It just occurred to me that I also enjoyed artwork on board games and product packaging as a kid. Hmmm, maybe someday I should find a way to parody those too. Hmmm.

Btw, I don't usually share the entirety of my current MAD strips, but it can already be found over at SCREEN RANT.

Be sure to pick up MAD #6! Look for this snazzy cover--!


Luca Lorenzon said...


russellmz said...

haha, love lucy as wonder woman!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

They were really funny, too!

Paul Havemann said...

I'm quite impressed that you got the artwork down so well!

Kerry Callen said...

Thanks, Paul. Wait! Did I just saw a "Paul H" on the Dirtnap site. Hmmm.