Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cross Panel Comics and the Internet

Not my normal type of post, but I wanted to clear some things up concerning recent posts on Reddit. This and this.

Iamadoctor is a my son's friend and MartinCallen is my son.

I want to give a big thank you to Alex and Jason who both emailed me, letting me know something weird was going on on Reddit.

Coincidentally (or maybe not), Martin and I just finished a new Cross Panel Comic this weekend! We play in pencil and I always retrace them in ink for better readability. That's the reason all the art looks much the same. Look for it on Monday!

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Warren Ludwig said...

I tried reading through the "comment skirmishes" on that first link...was overwhelmed by the "much ado about nothingness" of it all. Then I came to the "British Insults"...and laughed out loud...oops...LOL.

Interesting that so many folks care about your crossword strips!