Thursday, July 9, 2020


I'm trying something new! I love reading old, public domain comics, and I often wish I had a cool shirt or two. Not a mere old panel on product, but something actually DESIGNED. So, I decided to make a few myself and place them on TeePublic. I uploaded my first one. This artwork is based on various Spacehawk comics by Basil Wolverton. His early work is fantastic! You should buy a shirt, or tote bag, or such, just because his stuff is great! (And it helps support me!) For the first 3 days, it's only $14 for a shirt as compared to the normal $20. CLICK HERE!

EDIT: I just got a comment that about WHERE can you read these public domain comics? I love the DIGITAL COMIC MUSEUM site. Spacehawk appeared in Targent Comics #1 and continued for several issues. If you'd like to shell out a few bucks, Fantagraphics has a great book reprinting visually-cleaned-up versions of all the stories. I did not use the art from their book for my shirt. Thier labor is their own. I created my own from original sources.

Just for fun, I'll present a randomly-picked story right here in my blog! From Target Comics #8, SPACEHAWK and the Vulture Men from the Void!  Click on each to enlarge--


John Golden said...

Can you link to any of the public domain Spacehawk comics? I am pretty willing to take your word that they're great, but I'm curious, too.

Kerry Callen said...

Great question. I just added to my original post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


(and there were telectroscopes )