Friday, July 17, 2020

Genius has limitations. Stupidity has none.

I have several new images up at TeePublic! Click here to see my store. I just finished the above art for an Albert Einstein quote, "Genius has its limitations. Stupidly, sadly, has none." I really debated whether or not to add the distress texture. Ultimately I decided to, since I wanted it to feel vintage. This is all my original art, created by looking at a few different photos. Did he really say these words? It's comics, folks!

Hmm, that quote is a bit on the negative side, but society might have gotten me down lately. I also posted my redrawing of an old Fletcher Hanks panel from a Stardust, the Super Wizard story. The comic is in public domain. It's now on a shirt and multiple other products, like masks.

Crazy stuff, huh? Here's the original page, from Big 3 Comics #2, 1941.

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John Cooper said...

Why does Stardust have the face of a pinup girl? It's the hugest question in the universe!