Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Moments from Old Comics

I've started alphabetizing the many comics in my basement. It is, of course, impossible to organize old comics without flipping through them. I thought I'd share interesting things as I run across them. Here's a few in no particular order...

Look what Nightcrawler did in 1979!
From Marvel Team-Up #89...

Please no longer give Spider-Man the credit for inventing cool upside-down lip locking.

Something We Should Never See, Part 1.

This is the Vision. He's an android.

In Avengers #137 (1975), we see him in a bathing suit!

There's something weird about it. I didn't even know his "costume" came off!

Something We Should Never See, Part 2.
Galactus is an awesome, near-incomprehensible force of cosmic proportions.

In the first Hercules limited series, issue #4 (1982), we see the Big G with his helmet off!

It's like looking inside someone's underwear drawn. It just feels wrong.

Truth in Advertising (for once)!
I found the below ad in Machine Man #6 (1978). I'm showing it because the hype actually turned out to actually be true! The "best" was yet to come. This was right before the book's most famous years. (Click on it if you'd like to enlarge it.)

Plus , it's a great image if you like the original New X-Men.


grandpa gaff said...

dangerous way to kiss - somebody could chip a tooth!

Kevin said...

Banshee is the Pete Best of the New X-Men.

Pj Perez said...

We all found out the Vision's costume is, indeed, just a costume when John Byrne had him deprogrammed and bleached in West Coast Avengers. However, we also found out he has no penis, which should have been anyone's first clue that Wanda's "kids" were suspect.

Unknown said...

says who he doesnt have a penis? i dont remember it being mentioned either way... ill have to reread it