Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've got Spectre covered.

I picked up Showcase #61 at a recent, local comic convention. The cover has always interested me. Just look at it...!

After buying it, I decided to do my own version of it for Covered Blog. (A blog I always enjoy.) I also recently did a Tigra one. See my newest entry here, or simply look at it below. Click to enlarge.

I gave "Shathan" a hairy chest because he has one in the interior pages. The cover's only a metaphor for the inside story. No one actually gets hit on the head with any planets. (I must admit I was a little disappointed.)


Anonymous said...

I saw this on Covered. Love it, very very cool.

Warren Ludwig said...

Hey...did you use your new WACOM PEN to draw that?!!!

Anonymous said...

I've just spent about 30 minutes getting acquainted with your cartoons. I don't usually laugh out loud, but have had quite a few laughs and have smiled through the entire time. Thanks to Warren for telling me about your blog. Warren's Mom.
P.S. I've had a Wacom tablet for about 7 years...and I'm 76 years old. Yes, you are a little behind times!