Friday, September 25, 2009

Batman vs Spectre!

I'd forgotten I had drawn this. My last post reminded me. You can see how my art style has changed, if you look at the two Spectres.

Right before creating Halo and Sprocket, I submitted a story idea to DC Comics. It was about Batman's first encounter with the Spectre. I won't take you through the entire plot, but it was basically about how Batman was grounded in "real life," while the Spectre was a purely metaphysical character. I wanted Batman to win against impossible odds as circumstance pits him directly against the Spectre. Toward the end of the story, Batman uses Bible verses, from Genesis, quoting how Jacob wrestles with an angel/God. Batman challenges the Spectre in the same way. Jacob wins in the original story, so guess who wins in mine!

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kamagra said...

Halo and Sprocket were the best. I really liked what you did with those creations and it'll be nice if you can annex some illustrations about Batman's comics.