Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly Rabbit

I thought of this idea a few days ago and it amused me. I couldn't think of a comic book application for it, so I drew it and submitted it to Threadless.com. (If you don't know about Threadless, designs are voted on and scored. If the scores are high enough, it gets turned into a shirt and sold on the site.)

(Edit 2/14) Hmm, it didn't score well. Maybe people didn't "get it." Yeah... that's probably it.


Forrest Christian said...

I thought it hilarious but my when I showed it to my female officemates they didn't get it. One said that it she might have if the light was shining on a wall. Maybe it's a sex-difference thing.

Kevin said...

One I've always thought would be funny (and I'm sure I'm not the first to think it, and I'm not smart enough to execute it):

Rooftop of Gotham City Police Dept. Two policemen are standing by a campfire with a blanket and rising from the flames is a puff of smoke shaped like a bat. Commissioner Gordon is scowling at Chief O'Hara, who is shrugging next to a dark Bat-signal and says, "Bulb's out."

Well, I thought it was funny.

K. Callen said...

That is funny.

With today's economy though, I'd change the punch line to, "Budget cuts."

Kevin said...

YES! Love the rewrite. That can be the Chief's word balloon and the caption can read, "Recession hits Gotham City."

Holy stimulus package! Can this be your next T-shirt?

My word verification is "sprerm." Do you give these to me on purpose?