Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Annoy People

A few years ago, I wrote four comic strips appearing in the Kansas City Star, which a friend of mine, Rich LaPierre, drew. I wanted to throw some random thoughts out there without having to work them into a Halo & Sprocket story. Here's one of 'em. Click to enlarge.


Kevin said...

The foot thing is just awkward. I had someone do that to me whom I later discovered was a friend. I never really felt comfortable after that.

One time in the bathroom on 9, I was eyes-to-the-wall when Alfred Jones came in and clapped his hands right behind my head as loud as he could. I about wet my Converse.

So a few days after, when our roles were reversed, I came up behind him and set my drink on his urinal while I went and used another. He's still freaked out about that.

K. Callen said...

I see bathroom etiquette broken all the time. Here's an important one... Please wait until you're at the urinal (not when you first walk in the door) to take your business out.

psykomar said...

One time I saw a "poop" in a urinal. A complete lack of etiquette.

K. Callen said...

I saw the same thing once! It was at a roadside rest stop.