Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Story of the Store

I'm lucky enough to work for a company (Hallmark) that allows it's creative community to take 5 days per year to pursue a creative endeavor that the person might not otherwise undertake. I decided to use a couple of #My5Days and create a very personal piece of art-- An important building from my childhood. As I started to draw it, it was feeling a little bland. So, I decided to add written memories into the art, as seen above. I, of course, had more stories than I did image space. Still, it was refreshing to create a piece that was a bit different than my normal work.

Since I worked from a couple of photos that were 40+ years old I decided to look up the building on Google Maps. There have been changes, but it's still there!


Will Shetterly said...

Very nice. Reminds me of my childhood—my family had a tourist trap in Florida.

LBD "Nytetrayn" said...

That's pretty awesome.

Kerry Callen said...

Thanks, guys!!

Richard said...

This is amazing. For anyone who knows that kind of town, it evokes a very real and tangible place.

I can't tell if there was a spinner rack of comics there. If there wasn't, where did you get your comics?