Sunday, October 22, 2017

Marvel Hair Jokes!

It's Inktober!

Or so I'm told. That's when you ink something (everyday?) in the month of October. Well, I didn't do that. However, I did recently come across a page I had penciled in the late 90's. (?) I then thought it would be fun for Fifty-Something Kerry to ink Thirty-Something Kerry. So I did it! Here's the result--

I didn't spend much time on the color. It's Inktober, not Colortober.

Oh! Here's the pencils. I just had a bad xerox copy.

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nmbac said...

Have an idea for your next art chore! Wonder Woman and various other female heroes are talking over how each hero has an particular scent. Superman - smog / Batman - gunmetal / Aquaman - aquarium / Flash - sweat and then one hero comes in and asks what they're talking about. After they respond "nothing" they turn to each other and swoon because this hero smells great. Possible?