Monday, December 9, 2013

Superman and the Car

The real story behind the cover of Action Comics #1 came to me in a dream. I, of course, had to draw it.

Yes, I know car alarms didn't exist in 1939. Don't ruin my fun.


Chuck said...

Ah, but horns did get stuck in those days - which was equally annoying. Great page!

Richard Bensam said...

You've outdone yourself this time, and that took some doing.

Anna said...

One of your best, Mr. Callen. Still laughing.

J. L. Bell said...

Supes could have landed more gently. I'm just saying.

Kerry Callen said...

He couldn't land gently. Back in those days he jumped everywhere!

Dallas Middaugh said...

Please tell me I can buy this somehow.

The Time Trust said...

I wish golden age Superman would destroy the cars in my neighbourhood when the car alarms go off -- several times a day.

Oh... there goes one now, just after I finished typing the above.

Robert Goodin said...

That is wonderful.

JayBay said...

Oh. My. God!! You did not!! WOW hahah! This is bliss

Raph Branca said...

I need this framed in my house. Please make a print!

McGravin said...

I've always loved the guy in the lower left corner who is just freaking out about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

lol, funny. You need to be on tumblr so I can reblog. XD

Kerry Callen said...

You could always retumblr it from here--

Kerry Callen said...

Btw, to those who would like a print... Thanks for asking! But, I draw these merely for fun. Many of them are a little too close to their source material for me to be comfortable selling without permission. :(

Arthur Moloko said...

During the last few days, I have read every post on your blog. I loved it, it really is funny.
Now I want to read Halo and Sprocket.
Also, I wish I could buy the woman version of the shirt with Superman ripping his costume.

mike said...

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Aaron said...'s been like 3 months. Can you like...give me more cool stuff? I mean, the spoof of Action Comics was amazing, and that's why I come back here about twice a week. But...can you at least advertise a book or something? Your comics are freaking hilarious. I just need a fix, man. I'm willing to pay for it.

Kerry Callen said...

Thanks, Aaron. You're (sorta) in luck! I just added a new post. I'm mostly busy working on a graphic novel, but plan to sprinkle in a few more comic book posts now and again...

Anonymous said...

u r very good sir!

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Mykal said...

Superman with a flash trigger temper. I love it.

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