Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Week Road Trip - In Textures!

My lovely spouse and I decided to take a drive from Kansas City to the Northern California Redwoods, down the entire coast, and back again via the Grand Canyon. Shortly before leaving, I had a dream where I chronicled the trip only with close-up textures from our travel. Sometimes when I dream things, I do them. It's just the kind of crazy cat I am!

Day 1 - My driveway, Kansas City area, Missouri. Day 2 - The Great Salt Lake beach, Utah. Day 3 - The desert ground, Nevada. Day 4 - Ponderosa Pine Bark, California. Day 5 - Inside a redwood tree, Redwood National Park, California. Day 6 - Starfish skin, Cresent City beach, California.

Day 7 - Beach rock, Monterey, California. Day 8 - Tree bark, San Diego Botanical Gardens, California. Day 9 - City Grate, San Diego, California. Day 10 - Rhinoceros skin, San Diego Zoo, California. Day 11 - Mystical Juniper Tree Bark, Sedona, Arizona. Day 12 - Extreme close-up of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Day 13 - End of petrified wood stump, Petrified Forest, Arizona. Day 14 - My poor shoe sole (we did a lot of hiking), Kansas City area, Missouri.


Shelly said...

What an interesting way to document a trip. And I love the photos. Such interesting textures.

Christopher, your son said...

Google says you're the first to take an extreme closeup of the Grand Canyon.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested there is a great texture resource -