Friday, September 30, 2011

Strange Going-Ons

I hadn't recreated a cover for Covered Blog in a while, so when Josh Blair presented an interesting concept, I thought it sounded fun! He suggested four people interpret a different cover from Marvel Collector's Item #4.

Four of us did! The art was created by (clockwise from top left) Michael Nelsen, Anthony Vukojevich, Josh Blair and me! You can also see it officially over at the Covered Blog site. (Or right here...)

My little cover was a redo of Strange Tales #111.

Of course, I had to cover up most of it with this magical gentleman.

Look, his hands are saying "I love you," right before he wraps you up with the indestructible Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

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Josh Blair said...

Kerry: I didn't realize they super-imposed that Dr. Strange image on top of the original cover. Very cool. And thanks again for taking part of this. It turned out really great! I'm glad to be included amongst three extremely talented artists.