Monday, June 6, 2011

War of Light-- 60's Style!

Whew. Been busy or otherwise occupied the last couple of months. If you're a weekly reader, sorry for the gap between updates.

The good folks at Comics Alliance asked if I would create a few mock covers to go with Chris Sim's "Silver Age Remix Comics" writing, and I said, "Sure!" I always enjoy their site. The below Green Lantern art posted a week ago, but I didn't want the tiny rumble of my blog to steal their thunder, so I waited before posting it here. You can read the whole article on CA's site.

I'll do a few more, but, again, I'll wait until they're on CA before posting them here.

Speaking of Green Lantern, he's about to become a well-known character with his movie debut. Here's a very early post of mine examining his name, just in case you know any moviegoers who might question it...


Mark Engblom said...

Great cover, Kerry! You nailed the Silver Age look!

Hey, by the way, how do you get that battered-aged look for the cover? Trade secret...or is there a place I can nab a Photoshop filter for that kind of thing?

Kerry Callen said...

I found some old beat up comics with dark covers, scanned them in, and pulled out the light areas which were the scuffs and creases. It took some retouching but that's essentially it.