Monday, July 26, 2010

Greetings from DC Comics, 1978.

Let's play a game!

Below are old DC Superhero birthday cards (printed by a company named Mark 1). I've included the cover, inside, and two fake insides on each one. Can you guess which ones are real? Remember, this was 1978. Click on each to enlarge.

Anyone who can identify the correct answer on each card will receive a warm feeling inside!

Correct answers in comments next Monday.


Michael May said...

More difficult than it sounds. :)


Kerry Callen said...

Hey! The first guess deserves a response!

Solid guesses, but your list as a whole, is incorrect.

Duy said...

I would think that the key would be to try to get into DC's then-1978 sense of humor. So I think 2A and 3B are out. But that's as far as I can get.

Let me see:

1. C
2. C
3. B

CriticallySkeptic said...


*shrug* I never get cards for anyone anyway, so I'm at a disadvantage.

Kevin said...

As my confidence has been called into question, I'll go with:


I may have only limited experience in the creation of greeting cards, but I was responsible for a Star Trek card that the designer described, if I remember correctly, as the nastiest card on which he had worked that had actually gained approval in his career.

Kerry Callen said...

Kevin, I know of the truth of which you speak.

You didn't get your card guesses right, though. I may be giving too much away, but nobody has gotten it correct yet..!

Kerry Callen said...

And the correct answers are...

Card 1 - B
"If I haven't got what you need to have a happy birthday…"
"…you don't need it anyway!"

Card 2 - B
"Happy birthday! You're not old until your favorite phrase is…"
"…I used to, but I don't anymore."

Card 3 - A
"On your birthday, remember: Nobody's perfect!"
"…but YOURS is the best I've ever seen!"

Yeah, that last one's pretty crazy. But notice how it's cleverly constructed it so than it could be given to a man or a woman!

Michael May said...

DC was frickin naughty!

I like it.

Kerry Callen said...

Yeah, really naughty. Look what my son just came across on Stumble Upon. Almost 50 of 'em...

Kevin said...

I just took a look at this and noticed that while every other participant posted a 0-3 score, I managed a 2-3 score.

That's good for at least something.

Kevin said...

Okay, I goofed. Michael scored 1-3.

I'm still better.

Kerry Callen said...

Yes. You're magnificent.

Although, didn't you merely pick all the insides printed in black, assuming the company couldn't afford color? I'm on to your Vulcan logic.