Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to change my dog's name, without him realizing it.

We have a cocker spaniel named Magoo. He smells like a corn chip (unless he's been freshly bathed). He's roughly the same color of a corn chip. I want to rename him Corn Chip.

He doesn't speak English very well, so I'm thinking I can do it without him knowing it. I would alter his name a tiny bit every month.

I believe this would also work with very young children.


Warren said...

May I have the name "Magoo" when your dog is done with it. I like that name. Looks like it might be available around, say, October?

Kevin said...

My friend Ashley has a basset hound with a similar fragrance. She calls the dog Frito, but only behind its back.

Makes me think of an episode of "The Young Ones" in which Vyvyan had a pet pig that he said was not a pig but a ferret. he said, "As John Hurt is known as the Elephant Man, Bacon Sandwich here is known as the Pig Ferret."

I've wanted a Pig Ferret named Bacon Sandwich ever since.

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Pj Perez said...

My dogs smell like corn chips too!! (When not bathed)

Asgardiano said...

my dog's name is Hannah, bu my brother in law call her "Harry Potter", she came. ¬¬

Anonymous said...

The smell comes from a yeast bacteria that lives in the crevices of canine paws. If the smell becomes strong and bathing the animal doesn't take care of it, it could be a sign of infection.