Monday, December 14, 2009

A Blooper, Indeed.

I recently ran across this book, printed in 1969, The Dictionary of Bloopers & Boners.

Before you get the wrong idea around what the book is about, let me show you a couple of excerpts from the book's forward.

It goes on to examine how such things can occur.

In the body of the book, some of the entries have an accompanying cartoon.

It's a fun read highlighting misused words or ideas from various sources. The dedication page has a single statement on it...

A nice sentiment. It could only be better if it had a cartoon to go with it.


Kevin said...

Finally—someone recognizing me for my meager accomplishments.

Is making a boner the same as pulling a boner?

Viagra said...

I had the same sensation when I heard about this book because I had a wrong idea about it, now I got other perception what it means.

PenisEnlargentPillCompany said...

Wow. I really had the totally wrong idea in the beginning, but now I know what a boner really is.

KWesel said...

Just found your site. I am in stitches. This post reminded me of Superman #87. There was a story about Superman's super Boners!